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Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

What is it ?

Commonly known in Chicago as deep dish or a stuffed pizza, not to be mistaken with a deep pan though. This cheese loaded deep filled pizza is now taking the North East of England by storm and were proud to be the first and only authentic Chicago deep dish restaurant. 

The build

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What makes a Chicago deep dish so dam amazing ? 
its all that gooey mozzarella cheese in the middle. We take a nice thick deep dish cake pan, butter the whole pan, lay a layer of dough in the pan, load the pan with mozzarella cheese, layer another layer dough on top to form a lid, and then top it with our home made slow cooked pizza sauce, parmesan cheese then your choice of toppings. Baked at 180 degrees to make that authentic buttery crispy base. Once you lift your first slice for that ultimate cheese pull you will fall in love.

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